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Mapal QTD Drill


Mapal QTD Drill


With the latest manufacturing technology from ΓΈ 8 to 50 mm

The insert drill QTD for the medium to upper diameter range impresses with very good chip formation and reliable chip discharge. Numerous insert changes are possible per holder, as the basic holder is not eroded. The clamping system for the insert is both particularly simple and extremely effective. It consists of a screw that is inserted transversely through the insert, clamping the insert stably in the prism connection. The insert is held particularly stably in the prism connection such that high cutting data and bore qualities are possible.

Additive manufacturing makes possible optimum cooling duct design and diameters from 8 mm To be able to realize also diameters less than 13 mm, additive manufacturing is used. This method makes it possible to manufacture tool bodies in the diameter range 8 to 13 mm with spiral cooling ducts using 3D printing. Compared to central coolant supply with diversions, this design achieves a 100 % increased coolant flow rate, particularly thanks to the deviation from the circular cooling channel profile.

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