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Large Surfaces


Large Surfaces

Every square millimeter a repetitive definated Quality...with Nagel no wonder!

Honing, as a machining process for bores, makes it possible to produce a very high quality work piece in terms
of size accuracy, shape accuracy and surface quality.
Nearly all materials can be economically machined by honing since the abrasive media employed can be matched to
the specific material and application parameters. NAGEL large-area tools produce excellent results, characterized by high quality geometric and surface accuracie with very low diameter variation. Large-area tooling and abrasives are typically manufactured in large lot sizes, with key components kept on hand to minimize delivery time and cost.
NAGEL tooling and abrasive specialists are available for consultation or an on-site visit to review any potential application. Our tool specialists will be pleased to advise you and are available for any questions you might have.

Adapters for all Machine Types are available!

Please contact us for further Information. UMT Middle East is ready to introduce this master piece of german engineering to you. For a direct Inquiry please press the "Inquiry-Button" in the upper right corner of this box.

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