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TTD-Tritan Drill


TTD-Tritan Drill

Half your Processing Time, Double your Output & lower your Production Costs

When drilling hundreds of holes in a carbon steel tube sheet, choosing the right drill is critical to success. With
the new TTD-Tritan, MAPAL presents the first triple cutting edged replaceable head system, which is sure to impress through its dynamism, performance and precision even under the most diffi cult drilling conditions. Fast and reliable chip removal is also achieved by the ground chip fl utes and the shape of the main cutting edge that ensures short, tightly rolled chips.

At a Glance: Complete your Success-Package now with a exchangeable Head Reamer from Mapal

Owing to the high feeds of the TTD-Tritan, the machining time has been signifi cantly reduced. A mere 29 minutes were required for these 550 bores to be produced in the practical test.

Watch the product video: TTD-Tritan (also available as Exchangeable Head)

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