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Magnetic Clamping


Magnetic Clamping

Powerful Solutions as a real alternative

UMT Middle East now presents a real Newcomer in Middle East. The Magnetic Clamping Technology.

Magnetic clamping is a good alternative against conventional clamping methods such as manual clamping with brackets when it comes to fast work piece exchanges especially with its PLUG & PLAY properties. Magnetic clamping can be used on nearly every machine type and on nearly every machine table as it simply has to be mounted on existing periphery.

The handling is easy and fast and the successes in application are convincing. After all, the optimisation of processes and the reduction of processing times increase efficiency significantly. With its manifold application possibilities and modular design the system impressively carries out difficult milling operations just as efficiently and safely as a machining process in the high-speed range (HSC). Enjoy this tour through this exciting and innovate new topic for Middle Easts Manufacturing Industry.
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