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For Lathe


For Lathe

Jaw Chucks made in Europe, made for your Accuracy...

As official Distributor of BISON Products in Middle East we are proud to present you the best Price/Performance Balance for Lathe Chucks in the market.

As Workpiece clamping plays a major role in machining processes UMT Middle East is providing the base for accurate clamping conditions. We are proud to present the best PRICE/PERFORMANCE Balance in Lathe Chuck Clamping Technology. From small Lathes until huge Carousel Clamping Plates, here is the Stuff of what Lathe Chuck-Dreams are made of.

  • Jaw Chucks all Sizes
  • Center Bearing
  • Adapter Plates
  • Equipment for Workpiece Clamping on Lathe

Please contact our Technologists to get your personal Offer.

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