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Water Jet Cutting


Water Jet Cutting of the most innovative Cutting Methods, now available in Middle East!

There is nothing more to expect than Quality, Innovation and a 100% granted added Value for our Customers by selecting Soitaab as Cutting Technology Provider. UMT Middle East is proud to have such a outstanding and excellent Innovation-Partner on Board.

WATERTECH is classified in three categories: PRO, RED and NOVA

  • PRO is the entry level model meeting the needs of both economy and ease of use, while maintaining the high quality standards of SOITAAB. The compact size and plug & play approach combine simplicity and reliability with the ultimate in electronics and CNC technology.
  • RED is a more high-performance machine and guarantees the highest cutting quality. RED provides an economic investment and delivers more functionality and versatility while maintaining the high profitability in every cutting need.
  • NOVA Is the most advanced and versatile machine option and comes as a result of high technology and functionality integration. Thanks to a modular concept and the use of the latest generation of mechanical and electronic solutions, NOVA is the right answer for medium and large industry to satisfy the versatile yet demanding parameters of efficiency and productivity.

PRO, RED and NOVA all have the common denominator of extensive experience and advanced technology in cutting, that Soitaab has developed over many years of customer interaction. The three technology platforms meet the same criteria of precision and productivity and allows us to transfer knowledge and know-how from the large industry to small-medium businesses that have more limited investment potential and fewer research and development resources.

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