UMT Middle East

for Lathe Centers


for Lathe Centers

...applications on your lathe center you couldn't imagine it would work!

UMT Middle East presents you a full Range of Tooling Technology for your Lathe Center.

Those are only a few of the available Technologies we provide:
  • Full Range of Standard Attachments
  • Driven Tools
  • Static Tools
  • Gear Hobbing on a Lathe
  • Speed Slotting
  • Multi Form Tools
  • High Speed Spindles, driven by Coolant
  • Multi Spindle Technology
  • Adjustable Angle Heads
  • Complete Tool Turrets VDI30...
  • Capto Tool Holder
  • A complete Spare Part Program for all our Products
  • Integrated Sensor Technology to monitor and improve the Life Time of your Tool
...and many many more....

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