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Cutting - Drilling - Tapping - Milling - Marking, The All-in-One Solution for your Heavy Duty Application

Soitaab strongly believes that market trends are pushing the development of multi-process machines with many different technologies combined into a single system. Soitaab’s ALL NEW & innovative Omniatech perfectly supports this All-in-One philosophy. By seamlessly integrating all of the fabrication processes into a single unified system, the Omniatech delivers all of the abilities to cut, drill, thread, mill, countersink, and mark in a single machine. Omniatech meets the highest industry standards for quality, precision, productivity, reliability and ease of use.

With the most sophisticated CNC controls and software, Omniatech delivers on the promise of an operator friendly, multi-process, all-in-one plate fabrication system. Since 1938, Soitaab has been a recognized global leader in industrial cutting machines with over 8500 machine installations worldwide. We offer the best technology at a reasonable investment, all backed by our Gold Medal service, support and training.

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UMT Middle East is ready to introduce the ALL NEW OmniaTech from Soitaab.

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