Our Vision & Strategy

The Spirit of UMT Middle East

Along our knowledge and experience we see it as our Duty to lead our Customers towards our best Hightech solutions. Only the most suitable and convincing results can free the way towards a strong partnership with which we will be able to bring our customers one step ahead in the daily challenge of global competition.

Our Spirit and Motivation are:

Our Customers, The Reason why we are here
In all our activities, the customer is in the foreground.
Our Clients concerns and demands are the base of our Existence.
We are never too big for small customers!

Our Products are representing our Competence
We providing European State of the Art Solutions and Services.
From standard products to innovative individual solutions
,all in the highest quality.

Our service - our Face!
We operating with our best knowledge, know-how and experience
to our customers with Honesty, Reliability, Quality & Personal
Advice. Flexibility and Fast Reactions in our daily Routine are
counting to our lived Attitude.

Our employees - We respect humanity!

The dedicated commitment of all employees is the prerequisite
for our success. We achieve this commitment through
permanent and intensive promotion of qualification,
personal responsibility and creativity.

Our growth and financial policy - solidity in the first place!
We want to further consolidate and expand our market position.
To achieve this, we strive for qualitative, long-term growth.
Our fiscal policy is characterized by solid financing and the
preservation of independence.

Our Responsibility for the environment - we support the Country we live in!
We hold tight with our responsibility for the future of
this great nation. We see ourselves as an important participant
of the region where we live, offer jobs and actively protect
the environment and taking part in further positive
development of environment protection. 


100% Satisfaction to ALL of our Customers


Excellent High-Tech Solutions for the GCC-Region

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